"Preparing students to succeed, inspiring them to achieve."

Champion Educational Enrichment Fund

"Preparing students to succeed, inspiring them to achieve."

Great Accomplishments Begin With An Initial Spark

The Champion Educational Enrichment Fund, known informally as “Inspire”, is a non-profit fund developed for the sole purpose of providing an expanded educational experience to all students of the Champion local schools.

Inspire raises money exclusively through donations from school families, community members, businesses, foundations, and alumni.  These contributions are used solely to fund activities and programs that are beyond the scope of public school funding and that expose students to new learning opportunities.

Contributions to the Fund are tax deductible, as permissible by law.

Why “Inspire”?
Public education in Champion Schools should provide an unlimited opportunity for equality, achievement and excellence for all students.

To that end, our goal is to maintain a scholastic and community environment that inspires and allows all children to learn and do those things that can make them successful in school, in college, in the work place and in society.

The fund exists to develop financial resources to support challenging and enriching educational experiences that maximize the learning potential of Champion students.
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